Hotel chronicle - Review on the Hotel-Restaurant "zur Post in Altenahr

In the year 1834 the street tunnel in Altenahr was opened. Hereupon the Ahrtalstreet between Ahrweiler and Altenahr could be finished. After the arrival of the mounted postie coming from Adenau, the regular personal transport between Altenahr and Remagen by stage coach was arranged on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at the price of 1o silver pennys.

In the year 1850, the regular personal transport by stage coach from Bonn over Meckenheim to Altenahr was established and expanded later via Adenau to Wittlich. Both connections were especially used through the summer months, which was shown by the number of visitors in Altenahr.

In 1859 Matthias Schmitz took over the mail room as well as the postal station. In the Brückenstraße, he built a house together with stables to establish both - mail room and postal station under one roof.

In 1862 Schmitz established ainn called "Zur Post" to serve the arriving and departing guests. In 1878 the first telegraph office was opened in the same building.

In the year 1886 the railway track between Remagen and Ahrweiler was extended until Altenahr. Due to the expanding tourism, the locations quickly got to small.

When in 1887 the first hotel rooms were furnished and the inn expanded to double size, the hotel was opened and its name Hotel "zur Post" was established. This is proofed by the "Eifelführer" - a newspaper - in 1891.

In 1888 the railway track Altenahr - Adenau was extended again, being responsible for the expansion of the tourism traffic. In 1906 the founder of the Hotel zur Post, Matthias Schmitz retired. In the first instance, the post office was established in the house of the teacher Neukirchen in the Mühlengasse, until in April 1907 it moved to the new development in the Altenburgerstraße opposite side of the mayor`s office.

The hotelier Rudolph Hackebusch took over the business from Matthias Schmitz and continued to run the Hotel under its name Hotel "zur Post". Due to the increasing tourism, he extended the dining area with an indoor veranda.

An advertisement in the "Ahrtalführer", a local newspaper in 1922 says: Hotel „zur Post“, Altenahr, well known good house, nice shady garden - own trout fishery, indoor veranda, Tel.-Nr.:8. In the hotel- and restaurant-directory of Altenahr in 1925 it says: Hotel „zur Post“ (R. Hackenbruch), 5 rooms, 8 beds, bathroom, toilet, electric light, own fishery, Ahr-garden, parking. Here you may find the first advice for the increasing traffic, that finally replaced the stage coach at the end of the 1930s.

1936 the hotel was taken over by Anton Lang. In 1945, after the world war II, the building was confiscated by the french army and returned in 1949.

In the year 1958 Anton Lang refurbished the hotel and extended it to totally 34 beds.

After the hotel was bought by Rudolf Lang (not related with his predecessor) and his wife Änne, they refurbished and extended the attic floor rooms as well as the refurbishment of the rooms on the kitchen roof to a total of all in all 54 beds.

In 1968/1969 the hotel was totally refurbished and renovatedto the at that time highest standard. 85 beds in 48 rooms, most of them with private shower or bathtub and toilet, private telephone, television, minibar und balcony. Place for up to 300 guests in the restaurant were established, 80 seats on the big Ahr-terrace, place for 80 persons in the arch wine-cellar bar „Postkutsche“;  modern swimming area with a big indoor pool of 12,5 x 8 m in size, a separate pool for kids of 5 x 5 m in size, as well as sauna and solarium, massages and medical baths.

At the same time like the taking over and the opening phase in 1963, Rolf Lang - the son, who in the meantime finished his apprenticeship as chef and pastry chef - entered his father`s business. In the year 1965 he passed the exam as kitchen master. After the big refurbishment of the hotel in 1968/69 he became the new manager.

In 1969 Rolf Lang und his wife Erna built a residential and commercial building oposite side of the street which they put at the disposal of the hotel as a guest- and staff annexe. As a matter of fact, from this moment the hotel was able to offer 100 beds in 57 rooms.

Rolf Lang himself took over the Hotel „zur Post“ in 1979. In 1980 he refurbished the open terrace, constructing a conference room off the busy street equipped with modern techniques, and equipped the roofed Ahr-Terrace with big slidable windows, so that it could be used at bad weather conditions, too. For this reason, the hotel was able to offer 420 seats in 4 different venues.

During the following years, all hotel rooms were renovated and modernizes. In 1986 a telex mashine was installed. In 1987 the bath area was reconstructed.

From 7th `til 9th August 1987 the hotel celebrated its 125th aniversary.

The last of the so far not being renewed rooms of the historic part of the hotel were reconstructed in 1989. From now on all of the rooms were equipped with private bathroom with shower and toilet.

In December 1992 the son of Rolf Lang, Günter Lang a professional chef enterred inti his parents` business. When in February 1993 Rolf Lang suddenly died, his wife Erna took over the business.

Together with other rooms, the former children`s swimming pool was separated from the rest of the pool area in 1994. In the new constructed locations, a branch of the "Provinzial"-insurance was opened.

During the wintermonths of the following years of 1996, 1997 and 1998 all hotel rooms were equipped with new sanitary facilities. As well in the restaurant, the toilet got refurbished and thus our hotel is on the latest standard.

The prosecution of the family tradition was secured when Günter Lang and his wife Petra (who up to this time used to work at the Hotel Rodderhof in Ahrweiler) took over his parents` enterprise. Even in the same January, he reconstructed the already existing swimming pool area. The whole locations were refurbished and modernized. In this reconstruction phase, an independant physical therapy practice was founded inside the same building which is run from the beginning by Mr. Werner Knieps from Altenburg. It was opened 1st May 2000.

The parking space next to our hotel could be extended from March 2000 onwards. On the other side of the hotel, facing the Brückenstraße, we were able to hire the parking of the nearby Hotel Ruland. This parking, that was sold by the Family Hackenbruch in the 1930s, originally belonged to the Hotel "zur Post" itself.

Since April 2000 you may find us as well in the internet under the adress

In January 2001, the family Lang was able to buy the parking mentioned above. Up until the month of April, in front of the Postsaal we built an open outdoor terrace, named "Post-Terrace". During the same construction phase, a new entrance to the restaurant especially for handicapped people was built, too.

Together with the parking, a second guest house was acquired. therefore the capacity of rooms increased to 61 rooms with 114 beds.

In spring 2002, this guest house II was totally renovated, Now, 9 double rooms are located in this now completely renovated building. All rooms are equipped with private shower, toilet, hair dryer, direct dial telephone, minibar and Sat-television with remote control.

In the hotel itself as well as in guest house I all rooms were equipped now with hair dryers. During the same period, the toilets of the hotel`s own arch wine-cellar bar "Postkutsche" were renovated.

In 2003 our restaurant got a new air condition.

In 2004 all hotel rooms were equipped with a minibar as well as with a private safe deposite box. Besides this, we started with active environmental protection. We integrated a special power-heat coupling system, named Dachs. This facility creates heating and power at the same time and thus disburdens the environment with less carbon dioxide output.

In the year 2004, the building oposite side of the hotel (between guest house I and II, owned by the Family Görtz, residential building and photo) was acquirred, teared down, and reconstructed. The foundation was layed on 11th May 2005. Inside this building, a new elevator was set up together with 14 spacy double rooms, partly facing the ancient parts of the city wall of Altenahr. Now all 3 buildings were connected with each other. Thus all our rooms in the guest annexe can be reached by using the elevator.

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